What's wrong with me?

Armed with the best evidence from the latest research our aim is to provide you with a diagnosis that makes sense.

We take time to explain things that concern you like clunking and cracking in joints, 'wear and tear', 'arthritis,' 'spondylosis' and what a 'trapped nerve' or a 'slipped-disc' really means.

How long will it take to get better?

Aches and pains take time to recover and you heal by repair.

We tell you how long a muscle, a ligament, a sprained ankle can take to be safe to use, to fully recover.

How will physiotherapy help?

We provide the right treatment for your problem and start with a good examination and explanation. Treatments reduce pain and inflammation, promote healing, help regain strength, improve flexibility and get you moving with confidence again.

These include; manipulation and massage, ultrasound, interferential, curapulse, TENS, traction and exercise.

As you improve we offer; exercise rehabilitation, relaxation techniques, posture advice, biofeedback and health programmes to improve fitness, well-being and prevent re-injury.

What can I do to help myself?

For best healing and best recovery it is important that you are involved early on. Our aim is to involve you in your recovery and make you independent of us as soon as possible.

This not only saves you money, but is the best way to recover.

  • understand your problem

  • with the right treatment

  • regain your physical confidence to get going

  • with the best advice

  • speed recovery

  • achieve your goals

  • better health and fitness

  • achieve your personal best

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